Tuesday, February 4, 2014

World Cancer Day -- We Are Not Alone

Today is World Cancer Day.  If you watched the Super Bowl you would have seen this commercial by Chevrolet.  I know when we first heard the song we were wondering what this commercial was talking about. Then I saw the woman in the short hair and I knew.  One of my sons was sitting by me and when he saw the end of the commercial, he just squeezed my arm and said, "That's for you, Mom."

One thing I think that they were trying to convey is to show that cancer survivors need support.  But what I really liked about that commercial was what they said at the end about survivors.  Too often we think of survivors as those who have fought and won.  Chevy clearly spelled it out when they said they were "...celebrating survivors and those who support them in their road to recovery."  That encompasses everyone, from the person who is just starting a battle, to one who has finished, and even to the one who might have a battle that will last for more years than anyone thought was possible.

It's still hard for me to think about the fact that I am one of those fighting survivors and that my family has to face my cancer every day.  God has been gracious and given us more strength to deal with this than any of us would have ever dreamed possible.  But sometimes it's easy to feel like you are all alone in your fight.  Your friends and your family are there, but they just can't understand what you are going through.  And the survivors are there for there family, but even they don't know what their family is going through.  That feeling of being alone can become so overwhelming that at times you wonder if anyone really remembers anymore.  In your head you know it's not true, but the emotions take over and cry out in longing for some tangible comfort and support.

If we had to rely on our fellow man only for comfort, we could never be satisfied.  But because we have an omnipresent, or all present God, we have comfort surrounding us at all times.  He has promised to be with us always, to the very end of the age.

  He has promised that He has a plan for us. 

He has promised that what He has in store for us is better than anything we could understand.

But most importantly He promised His Son, a promise that has already been fulfilled.


You might be wondering what you can do today, or any day,  to support the survivors of cancer.  First and foremost, pray.  God has promised to hear our prayers and nothing is too big to ask of him.  But there are always other things you can do.  If you know someone who is just starting the battle, do something for them.  Don't ask what they need, instead just do something to brighten a day.  If you know someone who has the blessing of beating the disease, remind them that you are still thinking of them.  Rejoice with them that they have the gift of remission, a gift from God.  If you know someone who is in a long battle, don't forget them.  Listen to the joys and the fears that are had.  Think of a way to brighten a day.  God's love will shine through with whatever you do.  And if there is someone close to being done with a battle and it looks like they will be going to their eternal home, offer as much support as you can and constantly remind them of God's unfailing love.

May God use this day to lead many to show their support for cancer survivors and their families.  And may He also lead people to continue to support all those fighting.