Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yes, I Still Have Cancer

It's been interesting over the last few weeks that I have had several conversations with people who think I am in remission.  I understand that it's easy to forget that I still have cancer.  I'm active, I look normal and it seems like everything is going well.  Tonight we were reminded that the cancer is still there.

After a great report on Friday with my breast MRI, my cancer number came back today.  It went up 14 points.  Since it's never jumped that much in the past four months, I'm sure you can understand why we are a little concerned. The lowest it's been is 49.   I haven't had a chance to talk with my oncologist yet.  In a short email her words were that it's a small jump percentage wise and that I should hang tight.  I'm pretty sure she means that we should just keep going with the course of treatment that we are on. 

I ask tonight that you keep me in your prayers.  I need peace.  I need peace knowing that this isn't the beginning of the end.  I need peace in knowing that this could turn around again.  And mostly I need peace to help me keep going.  

Fortunately the one peace I will never loose in the peace I have knowing my sins are forgiven.  No matter what comes my way, that will never be taken away.  So while I might not have earthly peace, I have eternal peace in Jesus.

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  1. Thinking of you Lisa. You are an inspiration to my mom and I...